Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 19:00
Cinema Nova

Photos, installations, etc.

{{Gio Black Peter – Paintings on NYC Subway Maps }} Gio Black Peter is a New York performer and prolific graphic designer. Through his work he examines the text and its subject, the real and the false, authority and diversity. He has become a key figure among young emerging artists taking part in the dialogue on the new reality and gender issues. {{Paulo Guerreiro - Homographia}} “Pédale”, "Mariposa," "Faggot" ... these words, whether spoken, written or thrown about with varying degrees of violence, create serious harm to the freedom of gender and sexual orientation of each and every one of us. Presented as a fictional newspaper, Homographia is a graphic and linguistic exercise where offensive and discriminatory words against homosexuals become ironic heraldic allegory. {{Machado De Souza Jacqueline - Encontros}} Encontros (Meetings, 2001/2003) considers the motel room as a microcosm of contrasts: a paradoxical place where anonymity, community and intimacy meet; a place of pleasure and secret love that sometimes seems to strengthen the taboos of the outside world. {{Eduardo Padilha – Football Players}} Football Players is a collection of 1950s photographs of semi-professional Sao Paolo sportsmen Eduardo Padilha found at flea markets. He creates an alternative narrative to history by applying a mono-colour filter on the photographs so as to displace their context and open them up to many different interpretations. {{Borne Vidéo – Carter - Erased James Franco}} A film installation created for the Yvon Lambert Paris gallery by the multimedia artist Carter, it features James Franco re-enacting in a neutral setting film performances from his entire career and reintrpreting Julianne Moore’s role in Todd Haynes’ ‘Safe’ and Rock Hudson in ‘Seconds’ by John Frankenheimer. The result is a queer cinephile remix that raises questions on identity, scenario, acting and the actor as a celebrated star. A Brussels and Pink Screens exclusive!

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