Cinema Nova
Fri 09/11


A queer exhibition

Opening - Meet the artists:  11 November 2018  from 18.00 to 20.00  
Exhibition from 8 to 17 November 2018 in Bar du Nova.
Performances: 15/11/2018 
In this somewhat uncertain and gloomy time, the Pink Screens 2018 exhibition focuses on gentleness, sequins, the body beautiful, poetry and love. It showcases the work of artists with different backgrounds and horizons through their delicate, demure, but also sensual offerings. A dash of colour and levity backed by strong committment is the common theme to this group exhibition.
Anthéa Missy / fresco painting
Ugo Woatzi / photography
Morgane Faes Cortez / collage + video 
Amy Lux / collage 
Gwen Guégan / graphic art
Chris Von Steiner / graphic art
Vaatican Records / graphic art 
Floida Skraqi/Fabiola Skraqi/ video 
Jean Samuel N’Sengi / video + performance 
Mac Ophélie / video & props
Glitter Butch / performance
Thomas Lepez / performance
Hélène Mourrier / performance 
Camille Dejean / micro-editing
Aria Ann / micro-editing
Adler Murada / micro-editing
GENDER FLUID GLYPHS - Workshop on the possible imagery of an inclusive typeface - 16/11 at 19.00. 

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Cinema Nova

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