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Enfin un futur pour les homosexuel-le-s grec-que-s?

Espoirs et désillusions des LGBT engagés aux côtés des gauches radicales. Le 'focus grec' se prolonge en gueulant, sur le thème des rapports entre 'gauches radicales' et émancipation des LGBT. Quelle est la place du mouvement queer, entre ce renouveau politique et la situation des LGBT? Ce sera une des nombreuses questions de cette Gueulante. En présence de Maria Cyber / Katsikadakou. "Maria Cyber / Katsikadakou is the creator and director of “Outview”, Athens international LGBTIQ film festival. In April 2016 she will present the 10th edition of this annual event. Through her background in photography, graphic and web design and film, she has been able to showcase her work internationally, always containing lesbian images and themes, and she has been bringing influences back to Greece through cultural events dating back to the early 1990ties under the title "Cybedykes" culture events for lesbian visibility. She is one of the first lesbian activists of the Greek Gay & Lesbian scene in Athens. She has been an active member of the Greek Homosexual Community, Lesbian Group of Athens and many other LGBT groups in Greece since 1986. In 2000 she created and still runs the biggest Greek Lesbian Portal From 2000 to 2005 she ran and presented the first and only weekly Greek Gay and Lesbian Radio Show in a FM station in Athens. The show was censored in January of 2005, witch led her to start a web radio in 2007 called Mind Radio. In 2005 she organized “The 1st Gay and Lesbian pornographic art film festival” in Athens. After contracting diabetes type 1 in 2009 her focus has shifted more into strengthening the diabetic community where she created the portal


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