Practical information


Pink Screens Festival is going online, and so a selection of films from the 19th edition (11 feature films + 2 short-film sessions) will be made available to you on You'll be able to watch them within your bubble, comfortably seated on your sofa, with your chosen family, your friends, flatmates or your hug buddy.. 


The entire programme will be available from 8th April (6.00PM) to 18th April (11.59PM).
As of the 8th April, the links to the films will be available on our website. Alternatively, you can head straight to the streaming platform SOONER.BE
It is neither possible nor necessary to book in advance (i.e. before Thursday 8th April) to see a film.
You will need to create a personal account on SOONER.BE in order to rent a film or buy a pass.
However, you do not have to pay for a subscription for SOONER.BE (“abonnement”) since the subscription does not actually include the Pink Screens selection.

If you pay to rent a film, it will be available for 72 hours on SOONER.BE.
If you decide to go for the Pink Pass, then you will have access to all 13 sessions throughout the festival.


3,99€ per film / session
14,99€ A pass to watch all 11 feature films + 2 short film sessions
you can pay by credit card, debit card, or bank transfer)

To watch a film on SOONER.BE

1. On our website or on our dedicated festival page on SOONER.BE, go to the landing page of the film you want to watch, then select the "watch the film" button 
2. You'll land on the film page on SOONER.BE
=> select the "lecture" button ( website navigation is in french or dutch) 
3. Create a sooner account or log in to your sooner account (without an account you will not be able to watch). You will need these logins to access your film(s) over the course of the next 72 hours so make sure you write them down somewhere.
4. Choose your method of payment (credit card or debit card / SEPA bank transfer)
5. Watch your film - your rental is valid 72 hours. If you decide to go for the Pink Pass, then you will have access to all 11 sessions throughout the festival.

If you are experiencing issues with the SOONER.BE platform

you can:
- Ask for help in the Sooner chat
- Look for answers on
- Contact the Sooner helpdesk on
- Contact us at or on our facebook page

Additional Information

A sooner account is required in order to watch the films.
A subscription to the sooner platform is not required however.
Reservations are neither possible nor necessary to watch a film.