Sun. 20/11/2016 - 22:00

#15 PINK NIGHT : Pink Screens 2016 Closing Party

Soirée de clôture du Pink Screens 2016

{{#15 PINK NIGHT Saturday 19 November, 2016 – 22.30 >> 05.00 Beursschouwburg € 12/€ 8 (pre-sales)}} For the 15th year running, Brussels puts on its pinkest outfit, if that's not an understatement, for the last day of the Pink Screens queer film festival! The Beursschouwburg and Genres d’à côté are proud to announce their cooperation. We're waiting for you with a rich and varied programme, the highlight of the Brussels queer scene, in this iconic venue of the city center. The Pink Night is an eclectic and outrageous fantasy of bass, synths and decibels, with an unbelievable line-up on 3 stages featuring 20 DJs and lady DJs, 3 VJs, 3 live shows, performances and entertainment all night with vintage queer film screenings, a Greek chef and an overdose of good times. The incomparable Pink Screens team, a champion of the Brussels queer scene, will be at your side all night to ensure that you experience the most memorable party of the last 15 years. Make sure you put on your dance shoes for an unforgettable night! Get on up like a sex machine! Dig it? LIVES: AZO & KAMIKAZE MARY (BE) IGOR DEWE feat. Aymeric Bergada du Cadet (House Of Drama, FR) MELATONINI (GR/BE) DJ/VJ & performers: Blackmarquis (Darkotheque) CoeurVert Klein Käfer Man.Ou.Elle (genres - basted média, GR/BE) Messieurs Pascualino & Röze (Dansez-vous français ?) OKO DJ (BFDM, FR) Piiit Prinzessin & Prad Beat (Last days of) & special guest Aswad Al Masrahi Rockin’ Cat Ivan Rokia Bamba & Colonel Bambi (Massimadi) Sixsixsixties (Holger, 22tracks, Spek) Strapontin (I'm Single / la belle Record) & special guest Juriji Der Klee Sushiflow (Brüxsel Jardin) The Pink DJ Chef (GR/IR) Vilaine (Let's Dyke, FR) Visual Rubix Zoulou Choco & Jeny Cox (Frantic) € 12 / 8 (pre-sales) Tickets combined with the show WU TSANG + boychild: € 20 / 17 #15 PINK NIGHT is under the organization of Genres d'à Côté and the Beursschouwburg. Tickets Party: Combi:

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Rue A. Orts 20-28

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