Thu. 09/11/2017 - 0:00
Cinema Nova

Diana Blok, Gurshad Shaheman, Rose Butch

{{Diana Blok}} is a Uruguayan photographer living in Amsterdam. Through art, expresses her diverse experiences of culture and identity. With "Eu te Desafio a me Amar" (I challenge you to love me), she denies the increasing violence and discrimination against the LGBTQ + community in contemporary Brazil. {{Gurshad Shaheman}} lives in Brussels, he is a French actor of Iranian descent. Alongside his theatrical work, he explores gender fluidity through collages. With his series PUSSY PUNCH, he shows us nine very powerful pieces. "Every man needs a pussy. I just gave these men what they needed. " {{Rose Butch}} is a Brussels painter, a craftsman and activist with whose inspiration is sometimes kitsch, sometimes trash and never wise. She is interested in the intersection between anti-racist and decolonial struggles, feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-grossophobia, queer. Through her canvas and her needlework, she confronts sexist, LGBTphobic and racist violence and she creates representations with and of people generally rendered invisible or caricatured.

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