Cinema Aventure
Sun 18/11

Belgian queer short-films in the cinema Aventure

Zeno Graton
Belgiumvo: fr
sub: nlen
In order to win the love of his father, 14 year old Jay must take a stand. By forcing his way into the violent territory of men, he will try to ignore he is just a child.
Maxime FeyersSéverine De Streyker
Belgiumvo: fr
sub: en
France meets her son's girlfriend for the first time. She loses control completely... Oh, family introductions, always an unmatched joy !
Margot Reumont
2012Belgiumvo: fr
sub: en
A few women answer the question “what if you were a man”. An animated film that won the Pink Screens award at FIDEC Festival 2012.
Nicolas Graux
Belgiumvo: enpl
sub: fr
Poland. With the distance and the absence, Pawel thought he had hardened. That’s what he thought… Until this rainy afternoon and this unexpected visitor.
Ann SirotRaphaël Balboni
Belgiumvo: fr
sub: en
A volcanic eruption on Iceland has blocked its airspace, delaying Thelma’s parents. While waiting for the planes to get-through, Jean, Vincent and Thelma live under the same roof.

Each month, the short-film Agency proposes a screening the third Sunday of the month in the the cinema Aventure.

This 18 November, in conjunction with the Pink Screens queer festival which will close the day before (8-17 November), the proposed selection (re)visits some of the short-films programmed by the festival over the last few years.

An ode to diversity and love in all its forms!

Jay parmi les hommes van Zeno Graton, 27’

Calamity van Séverine de Streykers en Maxime Feyers, 22’

Si j’étais un homme van Margot Reumont, 5’

Passée l’aube van Nicolas Graux, 24’

Avec Thelma van Ann Sirot en Raphaël Balboni, 14’

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