Thu. 06/01/2011 - 21:30
Cinema Arenberg


Burhan Qurbani
vo: de
sub: frnl
This episodic film revolves around Maryam, Samir and Ismail, three young Muslims living in Berlin. During the course of their stories, their faith, and their value systems begin to falter. The film portrays three people forced by circumstances to find a new path in life and to ask themselves who they are, who they love and what they believe in. Fun-loving, westernised young woman, Maryam is the daughter of a moderate imam and will soon radicalise her approach to Islam ; Samir is Nigerian and very much attracted to his best friend Daniel ; Samir is a policeman, a family married to a German woman, and will have his beliefs throwned off balance. Shahada refers to the first pillar of Islam : the Muslim profession of faith, which represents one’s decision to take a certain path. The protagonists of this film struggle, each in their own way, to find the right path and a way of living with their own systems of belief and values.

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