Thu. 04/12/2014 - 19:30
Cinema Arenberg

Test - Film 4 Life

Chris Mason Johnson
United States
vo: en
sub: fr
Test, a film set in San Francisco during the height of the AIDS crisis in 1985, focuses on a prestigious dance company dealing with the spread of HIV and its effects on the lives of its performers. Young dancer Frankie (Scott Marlowe) finds himself attracted to the company's token bad boy, but fears he or his new love interest may be carrying the virus. When a blood test becomes available, they have to decide whether or not to find out if they are HIV positive and, in doing so, potentially change their lives forever.

The screening

Ce film vous est proposé dans le cadre du "film for life" dont les bénéfices sont intégralement reversés aux projets soutenus par "[swim for life->]"

Practical information

Cinema Arenberg

Galerie de la Reine 28
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