Cinema Aventure
Thu 01/03

Tom of Finland

Dome Karukoski
FinlandDenmarkvo: enfi
sub: frnl
Using just the stroke of a graphite pencil, leather blazes, enveloping the skin of virile men with boundless muscles. Nipples protrude, boots shine and rustle with an exciting authority, faces are adorned with smiles and titanic penises emerge as flag-bearers of joyfully assumed homosexuality... Focusing on the intimate journey of the artist, his love affairs, his trip to California and the moral clash of his works during the AIDS crisis, this biopic depicts the life of a man who wanted to blossom freely through his art and his desires, and who most definitely exploded the score of erections while still being at the forefront of the emancipation of homosexuals.

La séance

Tom of Finland vous a été présenté 2 fois lors du festival Pink Screens de novembre 2017, séances toutes les 2 sold out. Voici donc l occasion de le (re)voir avant la sortie nationale prévue le 14 mars.

Practical information

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