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Carmen & Lola

Carmen y Lola
Arantxa Echevarría
vo: es
sub: frnl

Selected in Cannes in 2018 for the “Directors’ Fortnight” section, this film brings us a tale of our time.

The plot is set in the Roma community based in the suburbs of Madrid, Carmen is a young woman, soon to be married, learning how to become the perfect spouse and housewife. Lola dreams of going to university but feels trapped by the predetermined path imposed by the traditions of her own community. These two young women meet in the market where they both help their parents. Together, they progressively reject the ideal of femininity imposed on them and discover, beyond their friendship, a mutual attraction.

The film does not always steer away from some clichés, but it has a lot of charm, particularly in the most beautiful scenes of female complicity.

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