Tue. 14/07/2020 - 19:30
Cinema Aventure

Eté 85

Eté 85
François Ozon
vo: fr
sub: nl

Life is uneventful for Alexis, nothing unusual, exciting or odd ever happens to him - until now that is. Until the summer of his 16th birthday when he reaches a crossroads of choices in life. He foolishly takes a friend's boat for a day's sailing, gets into difficulty and is rescued by 18-year-old David. The story recounts how Alexis grew into himself, thanks to his savior. Their ensuing relationship results in a tumultuous summer that feels like a dream. But will the dream last longer than the summer of 85?

The screening

Avant-Premiere : Genres d'à Côté presents in the 3 theaters of Cinéma Aventure.
Tuesday July, 14th 19:40 (film start at 20:00)
                        20:00 (film start at 20:20)
                      20:30 (film start at 20:50)
We highly recommend booking your ticket in advance, on site or online on the Cinéma Aventure website. 
In order to allow us to organize safety measures, we ask you to come on time.

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