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Le Paradis

Le Paradis
Zeno Graton
vo: fr
sub: nl
Joe, 17, is arrested by the police after running away and is brought back to a GGI/IPPJ, a (closed) centre for minors who committed serious crimes (theft, assault, etc.). Once back, he notices a new face, William. A passionate relationship develops silently between the two teenagers, secretly, hidden from their educators and friends....
Belgian director Zeno Graton, whose short film 'Jay parmi les hommes' we showed before, does not portray the young protagonists as a danger to society or as homophobic bullies, but gives them back their humanity, shows their flaws and their hopes. In this enclosed and masculine universe, where all physical contact is forbidden, his main aim is to underline Joe and William's desire for freedom, their great drive and the rescuing power of love. This romance also leads us to reflect on rehabilitation and the often cruel functioning of the justice system. 
With young and astonishing actors (Khalil Ben Gharbia, known from François Ozon's 'Peter von Kant' and Julien De Saint-Jean, noted in 'Arrête avec tes mensonges'), we can see in this first feature film, driven by strength and a deep belief in the subject, Zeno Graton becoming one of the great Belgian directors of tomorrow.



Zeno Graton (réalisateur)

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