Thu. 07/04/2022 - 19:30 to 22:00

La revanche des crevettes pailletées

The Crevettes Pailletées miss their connection on their way to the Gay Games in Tokyo and get stranded in Russia, in a particularly homophobic region...
The colourful bunch of 'crevettes' are confronted with ordinary hatred, violence of family militias, partiality of the police, etc.
Oops! They did it again!
The first part of Les Crevettes Pailletées was enthusiastically received by a wide audience, especially with its nods to both the sports film genre and absurd British comedy.
'La Revanche des Crevettes Pailletées' will not disappoint, it is a real sequel to the first film but even more spectacular, more rhythmical and more gender-tinted. This time there are plenty of references to American comedy and the genre film, somewhere between Very Bad Trip and Get Out.
Like the first film, 'La Revanche des Crevettes Pailletées' is a manifesto against homophobia, a rainbow of emotions, alternating between comedy and drama, with the clear ambition to show that, even when the LGBT community is under attack, it will never be deprived of their individuality, their joie de vivre, their extravagance, their reason for being. 



Felix Martinez (acteur)
Bilal El Atreby (acteur)
Geoffrey Couet (acteur)
Roland Menou (acteur)
Cedric Le Gallo (acteur)

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Galerie de la Reine 26
1000 Bruxelles