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Rotting in the sun

Rotting in the sun
Sebastián Silva
MexicoUnited States
vo: enes
sub: fr


Sebastián Silva is depressed. In an effort to lift his spirits, his manager sends him to a gay beach in Mexico. Hundreds of stallions, ready to fuck in front of and with everyone! Not to any avail of Sebastián, whose mind continues to be haunted by shadows. He even nearly dies when he tries to save social media influencer Jordan Firstman from drowning. The two decide to collaborate on making a series, but when Jordan arrives at the studio of Sebastián in Mexico, he is nowhere to be found. Jordan launches an investigation, suspecting that the cleaning lady of the building of Sebastián has something to do with his disappearance. A black, funny and dark comedy, refreshing and audacious when it comes to sex! Queer, enticing and completely deranged.


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1000 Bruxelles

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