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Iris Brey
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A stuntwoman in her thirties (Alma Jodorowsky, all sensitivity and emotion), happily in a heterosexual relationship with the film's cinematographer, allows herself to be surprised, overwhelmed and ultimately led by the way the actress (singer Jehnny Beth, whose performance is as energetic as it is subtle), whose double she is, looks at her. In Split, there is no room for animosity, backbiting, resentment, jealousy, outbursts: in short, a tender series. With delicate touches, right down to the most intimate scenes, as close as possible to the bodies and emotions, Iris Brey gracefully conveys the full range of silent transformations that run through her characters. "There have been many series about coming out," says Iris Brey. Split is a series about growing out of heterosexuality. I wanted to show a young woman in her 30s who understood that it was a possibility. Suddenly the question of choice arises: and I find that very exciting !
Iris Brey also wrote Regard féminin, une révolution à l'écran (L'Olivier, 2020).



Iris Brey (réalisatrice)

Practical information

Iris Brey will be present at the screening and will engage in a discussion with the audience.

The event is part of the Pride Week.



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