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Les Tortues

Les Tortues
David Lambert
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Since Thom (Dave Johns) and Henri (Olivier Gourmet) met 35 years ago, their love for each other has never faltered. The seemingly perfect life they had built in Brussels started to go awry when Henri retired from being a police officer. Now, Henri’s days seem to stretch endlessly, each one as bland as the next while his feelings for Thom are fading fast. They drift away from each other a little more each day, to the point that their house has become a battleground. Thom’s love for Henri remains strong though and he is not ready to give up. He will do anything to save his relationship and rekindle their love, even if that means asking Henri for a divorce.

With Turtles David Lambert offers a necessary vision of a couple where homosexuality is not the subject; that’s the richness of the film. It brings to life an older gay couple questioning their past and future, which may seem simple, yet it is still far too rare in contemporary cinema.



David Lambert (filmmaker)

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