Mon. 07/03/2022 - 19:15

Concours Animals

Nabil Ben Yadir
vo: fr
sub: nl

Brahim is a secretly gay young man. He is also the joy of life for his mother, who hopes that one day he will find the love of his life, become a father and make them all proud. At his mother's birthday party, the tensions around his personality and the innuendo about his sexuality are unbearable. He decides to go away and leave behind the oppression he endures from some of his relatives. That night, a terrible encounter will forever seal his fate.
Freely inspired by the homophobic crime of Ihsane Jarfi, the film has often an unbearable tension, but is of a remarkable strength and importance.

"Animals" by Belgian director Nabil Ben Yadir will be released in cinemas from 9 March. Pink Screens already screened this film during our last edition. 
For "Animals", Nabil Ben Yadir relies on true facts to tell a raw and moving story, a captivating and uncompromising reflection on violence and man's ability to commit the unspeakable. Note: the film may shock some people due to its straightforward depiction of violence.
On Monday 7 March at 19h15, Palace will host an avant-première and we are giving away 5x2 tickets. Mail for these tickets to

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