Fri. 08/11/2019 - 19:30

Pink expo 2019 A queer exhibition.

Pink expo 2019 brings together 10 artists.
10 artists who claim their right to share their aesthetic journey with us.
10 artists of different shades who reflect on identity by means of their own intimacy.
10 artists from different backgrounds who complement, question, and disagree with each other.

Maïc Batmane (graphic design)
Xavier Dartayre (photography)
Vanessa Garcia (performance)
François Harray (photography)
Gerald Kurdian (video)
Alexander Lorgnier of Mesnil (photo set-up)
Anouchka Oler (video)
Alban Ovanessian (video)
Leonardo Paixão (performance)
Seppe de Roo (graphic design)
Laureen Vitriol (photo-montage)

Meet the artists on Friday 08/11 at 19h30!

Practical information