Mon 15/06

Call for proposals for the exhibition of the queer film festival “Pink Screens” 2020 !

In the framework of the 19th edition of the “Pink Screens festival” that will take place in November (12-21) in Brussels, the association "Genres d'à Côté" organizes an LGBTGI+ exhibition in the legendary cinema “Nova”. Artists of any horizon, any gender, any sexual orientation, if multiple identities inhabit your artistic approach with impertinence and politics reflexion, reveal all your creativity without any shame and propose yourselves! Send us your CV, site web, blog, Facebook page, portfolio and a letter of intent to the e-mail address expo@pinkscreens.org, before 15/06/2020. What we are looking for: - Visual art of any kind (small / medium size): photos, drawings, paintings, collages, comics, micro-editions, screen printings (serigraphy), videos. - Videos: intimate testimonies of an anecdote or a feeling related to a situation where the question of gender or sexuality was involved. Lockdown, homophobia, love at first sight, sexism, one night stand, harassment, coming-out, politics… tell us everything. - Performances: teasing and spicy, short, but intense. The lucky ones will be selected based on the coherence of the whole proposal. All candidates will be considered on equal grounds by our exhibition group, which is made up of artists and culture professionals. This preselection will then be validated by "Genres d'à Côté". Unfortunately no considerable budget will be provided (only transport fees for the artworks will be covered). You will hear from us during July 2020. Looking forward to your proposals, The Pink Screens team