Sun. 10/11/2019 - 21:30
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Terror Nullius

Terror nullius
Soda Jerk
vo: en
sub: fr

Soda_Jerk is a duo which often revisit other films in their work. In Terror Nullius, they hilariously turn familiar screen icons into a new anti-racist, queer and feminist story, ripping apart Australia's national myths in the process. The apocalyptic desert camps of Mad Max 2 become the site of refugee detention, flesh-eating sheep are recast as anti-colonial insurgents and a feminist motorcycle gang goes vigilante on Mel Gibson. Terror Nullius is a joyous, political and rebellious ode to cinematic pop culture. Autralia's conservative forces considered the film so provocative, that it lost its official funding.  Oh, and did we mention it has Crocodile Dundee in it, too?


Welcome to Athens
Menelas Siafakas
vo: enel
sub: fren

Greek salad, syrtaki, feta, sodomy... So many wonders "made in Greece". Welcome and enjoy!


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