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Wild Nights with Emily

Wild Nights with Emily
Madeleine Olnek
United States
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Emily Dickinson, a major figure in English-speaking poetry, was a bitter old woman and a hermit, according to the official version. A sort of witch, or a woman classified as such by the history of "good" literature and by a "benevolent" entourage who simply could not see her as particularly gifted, bold, vindictive and... in a lesbian relationship. This startling biopic, remarkably contemporary in tone, lightness and humour, recounts the love relationship she had with a woman and the difficulty she encountered in getting her work published, revealing to us the intensity of a life lived with passion.

Yulia & Juliet
Zara Dwinger
vo: nl
sub: fr

Two girls in a juvenile detention centre fall in love.  But one of the is about to be released.

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