Thu. 19/11/2020 - 21:30


César Sodero
vo: es
sub: fren

After a difficult break up with her girlfriend, Emilia leaves the city to return to her mother's village somewhere in Patagonia. Her mother isn't overjoyed about Emilia's return, as it disrupts her peaceful existence. Upset, Emilia tries to decide how she wants to carry on with her life. In her uncertain quest, she reconnects with her ex-fiancé, who is married to her best friend. She also develops a strong attraction to a young woman attending the school where she teaches gym, which might broaden her perspectives. Emilia will have to deal with this internal and external chaos, in a familiar yet unknown environment. Will she confront the chaos, or succomb to it? The line that separates the two is a fine one. 

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Boulevard Anspach, 85
1000 Bruxelles