Sat. 12/11/2022 - 16:30
Cinema Nova


Marc Ferrer
vo: es
sub: fren

A failed director wants to make his film at all costs, to despair of his team. However, he faces a steady stream of ambitious artists and young, handsome suitors. As soon as filming begins, the filmmaker's entourage is hit by horrific murders and all clues seem to lead to him.... Then an investigation takes place, which is as laughable as it is ineffective... This comedy, close to the Giallo, a film genre on the border of crime, horror and erotica, is a fully claimed, queer, crazy and absurd nanar! An explosively fresh piece of self-mockery.

Antonio Marziale
United States
vo: en
sub: fr

A Hollywood villa on a sultry summer night. The escort does what he was hired to do and gives his client the illusion he has paid for. “I’ll make you a star”, the customer says, before the tide turns abruptly and the power dynamics are unsettled. A revenge movie of the queer kind.

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