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Nun of Your Business

Nun of Your Business
Ivana Marinic Kragic
vo: hr
sub: fren

On her native island of Korcula, Marita decides to enter the religious order at the age of eighteen. Like Fanika, it was in the convent that she became aware of her homosexuality. Using an original creative process borrowed from the photo-novel, director Ivana Marinic Kragic tells us about the lives of these two women, their childhood in a remote corner of Croatia, their disillusionment and psychological abuse, their new civilian life and their ten-year relationship. Despite the influence of the Catholic Church, which considers homosexuality to be a handicap and a perversion, the documentary succeeded in arousing real empathy in its country of origin and won the Audience Award at the international "Zagreb doc" festival.

Em caso de fogo, pegue o elevador
Fernanda Reis
vo: pt-br
sub: fren

Right in the lockdown, a horny young woman sees in her neighbour the solution to her frustration, but how to reach her?


Ivana Marinić Kragić (Filmmaker)

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