Sat. 19/11/2022 - 19:00
Cinema Nova


Rita Baghdadi
LebanonUnited States
vo: enar
sub: frnl

Ignoring the victimisation of women in the Middle East, Sirens is a surprising and beautifully constructed portrait of Lebanon's first and only female thrash band, Slave to Siren. Instead of following the band through their ups and downs, rehearsals and concerts, Sirens focuses on the subtle dynamics of the band and delves into the inner drives and demons of the female musicians. In particular, the relationship between Lilas and Shery.

In Lebanon, where pro-LGBTQA+ views are unpopular and heavy metal bands struggle to find a venue, Sirens powerfully expresses the complexity of friendships, non-conformity and women's struggle to find a place in their country's culture.

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