Sat. 18/11/2023 - 19:00

SOLD OUT - Orlando, ma biographie politique

Orlando, ma biographie politique
Paul B. Preciado
vo: esfr
sub: fren

Virginia Woolf’s “Orlando” tells the story of a young man who grows up to become a 36-year-old woman. Almost a century after its publication, Paul B. Preciado speaks to Virginia Woolf to tell her that her fictional character has become a reality. The transition of Orlando’s body now lies at the root of all non-binary bodies and there are Orlandos all over the world. Through the authentic voices of other young bodies undergoing metamorphosis, Preciado retraces the stages of his personal transformation through a poetic journey in which life, writing, theory and image merge freely in the search for truth. Every Orlando, he says, is a transgender person who is risking his, her or their life on a daily basis as they find themselves forced to confront government laws, history and psychiatry, as well as traditional notions of the family and the power of multinational pharmaceutical companies. But if “male” and “female” are ultimately political and social fictions, Orlando, ma biographie politique shows us that change is no longer just about gender, but also about poetry, love and skin colour.



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Dans le cadre d'une collaboration avec le BAFF ( Brussels Art Film Festival )
Paul B. Preciado est écrivain, philosophe, curateur et l'un des principaux penseurs dans le domaine de l'étude du genre et de la politique du corps. Ses livres constituent une référence clé de l'art et de l'activisme queer, trans et non binaire contemporains. Ticket en vente sur BOZAR.BE

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