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Te Llevo conmigo

I carry you with me

Te Llevo conmigo
Heidi Ewing
vo: enes
sub: fren

Based on a true story, this film follows the lives of two men who love each other in a decades-long romance. Mexico City: Iván, an aspiring chef and young father, hopes to get a job in the kitchen of a restaurant while supporting his child. But when his relationship with Gerardo is discovered and conflict ensues, he makes the difficult choice to cross the border to the United States, promising to return to his son and his soul mate. Tender, moving and daring, Te Llevo conmigo reminds us of the experiences of the too often invisible LGBTQIA+ community, between violence, fears, hopes and resilience. It is an impressionistic and heartfelt look at the American dream and the enormous sacrifices of these people who, to live with dignity, have to leave and risk losing everything.


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