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Un Prince

Un Prince
Pierre Creton
vo: fr
sub: en

A sentimental upbringing in the form of a herbarium. We are traveling with a young botanist who fertilized his love for (especially older) men in the midst of stampers, carrots and beehives. Un Prince is not a film that provokes indignation; rather the movie is completely unrestrained and aims to map desire, meanwhile to take the viewer from behind with his frontal look. Here we find the shunic side as we know it from Pasolini, as well as the hedonism and the mildness of some films of Guirudy. In this way the countryside becomes an erogenous zone, where botany and sexuality bloom together in a stunning film of this great cinéast of farming existence.

Bertil Nilsson
United Kingdom
vo: en
sub: fr

Ramin, a young autist, is a repairer of electrical appliances. After meeting Marc in the supermarket, he has to face the one thing he cannot repair: himself.

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