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Vous ne désirez que moi

Vous ne désirez que moi
Claire Simon
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A man, who has been made a lover by a woman several years before, despite the thirty-eight years that separate them, x-rays the love that binds him to her, even though this woman acts like a religious mantis, a demiurge monster, a sanctified object of desire. This woman is Marguerite Duras and this man is Yann Andrea, a homosexual forced to swallow his desire for men since he is the creature of this lover whom he idolises. His whole life will oscillate between adoration, despair and suicidal impulses. From this tête-à-tête, filmmaker Claire Simon creates a film that leaves you confused, in the grip of a troubling suspense. A fictional wager in mixed techniques, which bears the mark of a forger's documentary: it expresses the search for a form of biopic integrity, without grimacing or mimetic antics, but allowing all indiscretions in this desire to dissect the relationship of control and love between the writer and her young lover. With Emmanuelle Devos and Swann Arlaud.

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