Fri. 12/11/2021 - 19:00
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Wet Sand

Wet Sand
Elene Naveriani
vo: ka
sub: fren

In this melodrama on the coast of the Black Sea, Eliko, an old and timid man, who was not widely liked by his neighbours, has committed suicide. His granddaughter Moe, a young woman from the capital, is called in to arrange his funeral. She finds support in Amnon, the beach bar tender who seems to have known Eliko better than one would think, and in Fleshka, the other "quirky" character in the village. Together, they form a complex and touching trio as they face the bigotry of a community rooted in toxic conformism.

This film is Elene Naveriani's second feature, a poetic Georgian ode to resistance to anti-LGBT discourses.

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