Eastern Boys

vo: fr
sub: nl


Scriptwriter/editor for Laurent Cantet (L'emploi du temps, Entre les murs) directs overwhelming second film. Wealthy man in his 50s approaches a young Eastern European at the Gare du Nord for gay sex and the whole gang comes to visit. Three for the price of one : home invasion film, love story and thriller. Please note, all public screenings of this film will be with Dutch subtitling only. Robin Campillo's second feature has the same unavoidable precision and conviction that characterised his work as a scriptwriter and editor for, among other films, L'emploi du temps by Laurent Cantet. Eastern Boys, which effortlessly switches genre a number of times, is not out to educate or entertain, but also doesn't allow viewers to comfort themselves with progressive-liberal morals. It elicits too many uncomfortable questions about good and evil, perpetrator and victim, rich and poor, Eastern and Western Europe for that. Daniel, a middle aged man, discretely comes into contact with Marek, one of the many Eastern European boys hustling around the Gare du Nord in Paris. Later on, when he thinks he is opening the door of his luxury apartment for Marek, the whole gang, led by the charismatic Boss, come to visit.



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