Tengo Miedo Torero

My Tender Matador

Tengo Miedo Torero
vo: es
sub: fren


Chile, 1986, against a backdrop of military dictatorship and neighbourhoods destroyed by earthquakes, "La Loca del frente", a transvestite on the decline and her queer friends enjoy themselves at colourful parties. In unexpected circumstances, the old outsider meets Carlos, a young straight Mexican activist of the Patriotic Front who has come to commit an attack against General Pinochet. The two of them form a very strong bond. Out of love or conviction, "La Loca" accepts that her home be used as a hideout and takes part in a risky clandestine operation. The film, unlike the novel of the same name by Pedro Lemebel, which it is adapted from, focuses more on "La Loca" (the magnificent Alfredo Castro), who, despite all the wounds she bears, retains a power of love intact.

Tamara Nagahiro <tamara@grandavecapital.com>