Sat. 15/05/2004 - 17:30
Cinema Nova

PédéGouines en Transe

Two perles of animation concoted by the mascot of last years festival.
May 2003, Brussels Gay Pride. A sensual and hypnotic danse of loving looks, suspense and surprise.
A revolutionary text of Mao, to the music of “Money, Money,Money” by Abba.
A declaration of love, with the words of Bush declaring the start of the war on terrorism to the music of “And when the rain began to fall”.
A subversive dessert. Miam…
JT O’Neal
When words create new meaning through merging one with the other.
A text by Jim Morrison, presented with emotionaly strong images of a Gay Pride.
Colourful pleasures : efficient kissing, charming dildos and a magical fist-fuck.
With gay Marseille in the background, a dance in the form of a fight.
An hilarious and sedastious decoding of a personal advert.
Ice skating and gender.
It must be painful when your opponent for love is a cow.…

The screening

Patrick Carpentier, Lamathilde, Pascal Lièvre, François Marache, Hervé-Joseph Lebrun, Nathalie Percillier, Tom de Pekin

Practical information

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