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Sat 15/05

The Raspberry Reich

Bruce LaBruce
Germanyvo: de
sub: fr
A small neo-terrorist group, inspired by the Baader-Meinhof gang, kidnaps the son of a important banker. Gundrun, the charismatic leader of the group, indoctrinates two of her followers and urges them to sleep with each other to defeat heterrorism, a bourgeois invention of society. Bruce LaBruce (HUSTLER WHITE, GERONTOPHILIA, OTTO ; OR UP WITH DEAD PEOPLE) joyfully parodies the « Radical Chic »attitude with an extremely queer and deliciously pornographic spirit. From a cult director whose latest films have been a regular part of our program over the last 15 years, Rasberry Reich is a film that we adore and has to be a part of this festival celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of Pink Screens.

La séance

Hervé-Joseph Lebrun

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