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Saturday, May 21, 2005 - 17:30
Cinema Nova

The Time We Killed

Jennifer Reeves
United Statesvo: en
sub: fr
“Terrorism made me leave my home, the war against terrorism made me stay there”. After the 11th September, Robyn decided to never go out of her apartment. She remembers her past lovers, her forgotten childhood, oscillating between a narration of her relationship with the world and the imaginary world in which she seeks refuge. The film majestically works images which attempt to give an incite into the world of the heroine, offering us an experimental, rare and unforgettable cinemagraphic experience.
Gulati Sonali
United StatesIndiavo: en
“Home”, is it where you are born or where you can live as a lesbian ? A beautifully crafted Indian film on identity and exile.

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