Thu. 01/11/2007 - 21:30
Cinema Arenberg


Angelina Maccarone
vo: de
sub: fren
The life of Elsa takes on new meaning, when she meets Jan, a delinquent 16 year old. From there the fifty something women and the attractive teenager embark on a sado-masochistic relationship which no-one, not even the actors themselves, can understand. Angeline Maccarone, after her prize winning film Unveiled, has succeeded to produce a delicate and fascinating film about obsessed passion without falling into the trap of beiong voyeuristic. This is not a film about SM, but a superb portrait of a woman and a queer reflection on intergenerational relationships.
Louis Dupont
vo: fr
sub: en
The life of Thomas, a sensitive high-school boy, is a blurry existence. But what if a hitherto unknown octogenarian could come and change the course of things ?

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Cinema Arenberg

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