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Thu 30/10

Be Like Others

Tanaz Eshaghian
United StatesUnited KingdomIrelandvo: en
sub: fren
Homosexual relationships are banned in Iran, but the country allows sex change operations and hundreds of men have elected for surgery to change their lives. Be Like Others follows the painful and sometimes chaotic lives of young homosexuals who choose to undergo sex change surgery, for reasons we don't always imagine. Will this radical decision bring them the “decent life” they are seeking ? Iranian-American filmmaker Tanaz Eshaghian has made an intimate and unflinching film about those on the fringes of Iranian life and its relatively unknown society.
Hesdy Lonwijk
vo: nl
sub: fr
An enchanting and impressionistic look at the life of a young boxer, son of immigrants, who is torn between tradition and his heart's desire. Featuring director Hesdy Lonwijk
Allah GAY bar !!!

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