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Sat 25/10

Dream Boy

James Bolton
United Statesvo: en
sub: frnl

Introverted, artsy teenage boy Nathan lands with his family in a small provincial Louisiana town. There he befriends Roy, the beautiful, confident boy next door. A sensual love story quickly develops between the two, who then have to hide their love from the prying eyes of a deeply religious, deep South community in the mid 1970’s. Nathan also has to face his demons and the deafening violence that prevails within his own family. Adapted from the novel by Jim Grimsley, Dream Boy is a sensitive film about love, taboos and the end of innocence.

Two lonely neighbours, Farmer Merr and Farmer Ugg, struggle and toil with everyday existence, until the most unlikely of objects transforms them both. A visually beautiful film on acceptance and love.

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