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Cinema Arenberg
Sat 25/10

L'ordre des mots

Cynthia ArraMélissa Arra
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Does the word 'gender' leave you cold ? Does Judith Butler have the same effect on you as a Valium ? Well don't panic, here is an update. At the forefront of the debate and live from France, six portraits of fascinating trans / inter-sex / gender people illustrate in the flesh the ridiculously narrow limits of our culture's views on these issues - right up to the example of one trans 'Female to Unknown'. Fascinating, as well as educational, this documentary is totally emblematic of the spirit of the Pink Screens Festival ; a vital documentary to (re) consider our selves, our body, our sex, desire and gender... and those of others. Featuring directorsCynthia Arra & Mélissa Arra

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Cinema Arenberg

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