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Sat 01/11

Objets du desir

Fabio Mollo
Italyvo: it
sub: fren
Two boys in the same apartment : as one is preparing to leave, the other looks on. But they both share the same secret... Featuring director Fabio Mollo (Zat 1 - 19.30)
Eléonore Weber
Francevo: frnl
sub: en
A carnal and intellectual meeting takes place in a ruined house, which serves as the decor for the expression of desire between a lord of the manor and a gypsy. Featuring director Eléonore Weber
Tor Iben
Germanyvo: de
sub: fren
Stuck in a monotonous life, Tim finally stirs and tips over the edge when he meets the dangerous and charismatic Bosi. Featuring director Tor Iben (Fri. 24 - 19.30)
On a construction site, an encounter between two boys develops into a dangerous and sexually charged choreography. This is a sensual porno by the director of A Thousand Clouds of Peace.

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