Tue. 26/10/2010 - 20:00

Corps accords - Séance gratuite - Bruxelles Congrès

Belly-dancing as a political weapon or how religious constraints can not prevent the body to express itself in a sensual and amusing way.
Two men turn into ballerinas, with horse's heads and tutus, to perform a bestial impromptu ballet.
Kevin Calero
The masculine and the feminine are unified in one body in this bewildering video starring dancer Gilles
Watched closely, the movements of the bodies of lovers make up for an extraordinary dance.
Laurie Colson
Two female bodies depending on each other undertake a painful mutation leading to one sole entity. A shivering and beautiful nightmare.
Our perception is highly influenced by the way we dress : education, status, sexual orientation...
An old fashioned ode to the male body : pure hedonism and the male body as an object.
A moving video creation about the game of love and its consequences.

The screening

Une séance de courts autour du corps et de ses multiples expressions...
ATTENTION : cette séance a lieu dans la gare du Congrès :
Boulevard Pacheco
1000 Bruxelles

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