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Sat 19/11

Et ta soeur?

Sylvie LeroyNicolas Barachin
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Some tall nuns with over-the-top make-up, high heels and beards ? Some sisters with incongruous identities, armed with condoms, carried away by perpetual indulgences ? Totally camp and beyond the ordinary they fight against discrimination, homophobia and AIDS. Born out of a joke, they have brought a refreshing approach to direct action. Perhaps have you already met them ? You will discover more here. Today they are still impertinent and yet so pertinent.
Tess Vo
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In a centre for mentally disturbed people in Toronto, young gays and lesbians openly talk about sex, their feelings and discrimination ; overturning some stereotypes along the way.

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In présence of Les sœurs de la perpétuelle indulgence!

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