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Sunday, November 13, 2011 - 19:30
Cinema Nova

Hello My Name Is Lesbian

A funny-serious documentary covering several decades of lesbian culture told by Danish women of different generations, including the electro-clash group Faggot Fairies. A superb example of lesbian humour which, contrary to some, is still alive and kicking.
Bob Koherr
United Statesvo: en
sub: frnl
You think you know all the clichés about lesbians ? Here they are put into to song and image with panache and humour.
Lauren Anderson
Australiavo: en
sub: frnl
Betty can ?t stop touching the mannequins in her shop. Sylvie's wedding dress seems to be alive. A plague of homosexuality is sweeping the nation ? are YOU equipped to protect your own ?

The screening

In the presence of Iben Haarh Andersen and Minna Groos, and in partnership with the L-Week

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Cinema Nova

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