Wed. 16/11/2011 - 21:30
Cinema Arenberg

Il Primo Giorno d'Inverno

Mirko Locatelli
vo: it
sub: fren
Valerio is a teenager who keeps to himself and, unlike most youngsters of his age, finds it difficult to fully partake of the carefree joys of youth. So he stands apart and watches the others enjoying themselves, measuring himself against them and trying to become more like them. Above all his attention is led to the boys from his swimming club, not coincidentally to the two toughest among them. One day, Valerio sees something that will change his life forever ... A little jewel, previously unreleased, about the melancholy and poetry of adolescence.
Edward Housden
vo: en
sub: frnl
What happens when Richard ?s sister Millie is a ?better ? boy than he is ?

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Cinema Arenberg

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