Sun. 13/11/2011 - 15:30
Cinema Nova


Marcus Lindeen
vo: sv
sub: nlfr
A controversial documentary, not just by the tone and the rigorous control of director Marcus Lindens, but above all by the taboo-breaking content. Two men talk candidly about their biggest regrets. Mikael and Orlando were both born as a man, after a sex change operation, they have lived for years as a woman. One wants to return to his male sex and gender, the other has already had surgery again and has decided to live 'in between' like a third gender. An award-winning documentary on gender and norms, a cause for debate.
Jonathan Skurnik
United StatesCanada
vo: en
sub: frnl
Twelve year old Anneke ?explains how, because of a hormone that blocks the first signs of puberty, she will be able to take the time to choose the gender she wants to be as an adult.
Julie Carlier
vo: fr
sub: nl
What defines masculinity and femininity ? How to play with genders that are not our own ? Through this beautiful portrait, the filmmaker opens up to us with reflection and emotion.

The screening

A partnership with [Genres Pluriels->], and in the presence of Julie Carlier, director of Le genre qui doute.

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