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Friday, November 18, 2011 - 21:30
Cinema Nova


Sabine Bernardi
Germanyvo: de
sub: frnlen
Lukas has just turned 20. In the midst of a summer heat wave, he begins his civil service together with his best friend Ine. She is the only one who knows his secret, secret he has great difficulty in preserving when, by mistake, it is placed in the girls' dormitory. Things get complicated when he falls out with Ine and he falls in love with a handsome guy a little too sure of himself, calling into question the life he has built. With its fast pace, warm colors, charismatic performers, Romeos, a film about searching and assertiveness, is surprisingly moving and wildly romantic.
Through the tiny transformation of a haircut, a young student perceives himself and his environment differently ?

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Cinema Nova

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