Sun. 13/11/2011 - 17:30
Cinema Nova

Transpédégouines en shorts!

A gang of lesbians and gay men take to the street to fight and fuck with a rock ‘n’ roll sound track. Watch out if you run into them !
Lively musical panorama, an anthem to the glory of freaks and to the liberation of genders in the face of victorian values, all to the sound of the electro-punk band “Alors heureuse ?”
Coco Riot
Ladies and Gentleman’s toilet signs and why they irritate us.
Sam Berliner
United States
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Stuck in the man-woman thing ? Call our super heroes, they’ll be quick to help you.
Exploration of transformed human bodies in a lunar landscape.
Original way of hitchhiking...
Experimental electro-dub-hop by the duo Abstract Random with dance from Ill Nana DiverseCity provides an unusual approach to the subject.
An unusual and multi-sexual water ballet - magnificent.
Carine Parola
vo: fr
sub: nl
How to be a transgender illegal immigrant in the hetero-centred west forces you to wander in dispair ? Three touching and troubling portraits.
An unexpected exploration of the recreational potential of sex toys.
Bambi as never seen before...
Solanas-style humour about castration.
Already a classic, this magnificent soft-porn fantasy turns away from homo-erotic conventions.
An exciting short made for the group MEN by two Australian feminist artists, which takes the JD Samson cult to a climax, putting glitter all over the world !
Candles, soft atmosphere, romantic bath.... and a fly.
Knock-out Kiss

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In the presence of Carine Parola and Luc Notsnad

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