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A Ultima Vez Que Vi Macau

In order to come to the rescue of a transgender friend, the narrator returns to the Portuguese colony he left 30 years before. This movie guides us through the labyrinthine town, particularly at night , with its neon lights and broken images. It is fascinating, often funny and of great beauty. The voice of Jane Russel singing You Kill Me, taken from Macao by von Sternberg embodies the end of an era or just the bitter taste of a beautiful and sad story of a lost friendship ?
João Rui Guerra da Mata
vo: pt-pt
sub: fren

As Chiado burns, Francisco receives an unexpected phone call that rekindles a fire from the past.

On August 25, 1988 in Lisbon, the Chiado district is on fire. On the other side of the city, far from the choking smoke, Francisco receives an unexpected phone call and a flame from the past rekindles a fire in his room that is choking his life. João Pedro Rodrigues alone on the phone in a vivid tribute to Cocteau and Magnani.

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