Mon. 11/11/2013 - 17:30
Cinema Nova

Crush on You

The first time can be really hard, especially when you feel you've got something to prove to your mates. Alex and the others hang out at the beach, chatting and bragging. He tries to get closer to Sofia with a joke she finds totally unfunny. Nevertheless they go off together. A first awkward kiss, they lie in the grass, zips get undone. They both want something to happen but it simply doesn't work out. Never mind, they think, but what will they tell the others ?
Shay Gabso
vo: he
sub: fren
Exhibiting virtually poses no problem for Ran. But sharing intimacy during a photo shoot with his photographer neighbour gives him some trouble.
Anna Nolskog
vo: sv
sub: fren
John and Nicolas are 15 years old and best friends. They are very interested in girls but quite insecure when it comes to a premiere sexual encounter with a girl. They decide that they should get some practice – on each other. Said and done, they cant look each other in the eyes. What will happen now ? Can they remain friends ?
Juanma Carillo
vo: es
sub: fren
Eduardo, a cranky publicist, and David, a shy student of literature, are long time neighbors. One day, a scaffold erected outside their apartment building causes them to finally meet with surprising results.
Guillaume Foirest
vo: fr
sub: en
Sofiane is homosexual and a homophobe ; a scumbag by day, homo by night – in conflict with himself, and all in all, a little lost. Lacking in ambition and without direction in life, his contradictions are the embodiment of the disarray which marks an introspective adolescence.

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